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Open Gym is for any athlete who wishes to come and perfect skills that they have not yet mastered but can perform without a spotter. Open Gym is staffed by one coach who provides general supervision, therefore actual tumbling instruction and spotting is not provided. It is a great time to come and exercise, gain strength and flexibility and just have fun! If the attendance is light, the coach has time, and chooses to do so, the coach may provide some light instruction and spotting. However, it is not part of the Open Gym structure.

Because safely is always our number one goal all participate must review Legends Open Gym policy (See below). All participates must also turn in a filled out and signed Risk and Liability Waiver

1. Open gym is a time to practice and perfect familiar skills; it is not a time to experiment with brand new, unfamiliar skills.
2. Open gym is offered to provide an opportunity to increases strength and proficiency at floor tumbling skills.
3. Spotting may or may not be available- depending on that day attendance.
4. Students attending open gym are required to:
       a. Understand and comply with all Legends policies and rules for general safety.
       b. Turn in a filled out and signed Risk and Release waiver.
       c. Sign in and out on attendance sheet.
       d. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
5. Conduct
       a. Absolutely no horseplay, running, of misuse or equipment will be tolerated.
       b. Respect must be shown for the gym equipment, staff, & follow tumblers at all times.
6. Students that do not comply with this policy will be asked to leave and forfeit their open gym privileges.


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